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Our team  believes in supporting you in achieving

your personal goals for well being and beauty.

Every service we perform is technically and scientifically sound,

but also personalized for you needs and goals.

 It’s About Taking Care Of Yourself And Feeling Your Best.

Our talented and experienced team of technicians take the time to listen to your goals

and then work together to provide the highest quality services in a relaxing atmosphere.


The Astanza Duality

Better Technology, Better Results

A laser tattoo removal clinic’s ability to produce great results heavily relies on the technology it uses.

That is why we have invested in the state-of-the-art Astanza Duality Laser.


Our innovative Duality Laser comes backed by Astanza, the leading manufacturer in tattoo removal technology, and is trusted by the top tattoo removal practices worldwide. We searched high and low to find the most advanced technology to ensure our patients receive the best treatments and the best results throughout Ann Arbor.


The Duality is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that produces two wavelengths – 1064 nm and 532 nm – for removal on a wide variety of tattoo ink colors. The Duality emits laser energy through high peak power for optimal ink shattering, faster ink removal, and fewer overall treatments. Unlike other lasers, the Duality is safe to use on all skin types and uses a flat-top homogenized laser beam to safely and evenly distribute energy across the skin for reduced risks of unwanted side effects.


Call A2LTRS today to schedule your FREE Consultation and see for yourself how effective our technology is.

The Astanza Liberty

Long-Lasting Results, Powerful Technology

A2LTRS has invested in the advanced Astanza Liberty IPL System to deliver unmatched, long-lasting hair removal results to patients throughout Ann Arbor and beyond.


Our Astanza Liberty is used and trusted by leading dermatologists and skin specialists for its effective hair removal results on all skin types. The Liberty’s broad-spectrum light matched with its powerful fluence levels and large spot size makes it the best hair removal solution.


Unlike other IPL and laser hair removal devices, our Liberty is equipped with a large 48 mm x 13 mm spot size. This large spot size allows us to treat larger body areas like legs and back more quickly and efficiently, speeding up treatment times for you.


The Zimmer Cryo

Superior Pain Relief

One of the biggest concerns patients have about laser tattoo removal is the pain associated with the laser. We’ve invested in the Zimmer Cryo to eliminate any traces of uneasiness and to ensure you feel completely comfortable going into your treatment.


Other methods like numbing creams and ice packs tend to fade during the actual treatment when numbing is desired the most. The Zimmer Cryo is the only noninvasive machine that uses extremely cold air (-30c) to effectively numb the skin before, during, and after your treatment session, providing maximum comfort and alleviating any pain associated with the procedure.


The freezing air flows from a tube and uses a focusing tip to precisely target the treatment site that needs the most numbing. It only takes a few minutes for the cold air to take effect. Patients are even given the opportunity to hold the hose, giving you more control over your comfort.


Come visit our A2LTRS Clinic and one of our laser technicians will let you experience the Zimmer Cryo during your FREE Consultation!

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