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Expertise is everything at Ann Arbor Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists, PLLC.


Our team is highly trained professionals who receive ongoing education

on the latest products, services and medical advancements.

Every client receives one-on-one consultations with our clinical team to determine

the right treatments,  products and a customized plan all within a relaxing atmosphere.

At A2LTRS, we believe that our patients and their individual needs come first.

But in an industry flooded with new products and procedures,

we must make sure that health and safety are never compromised.

Our mission is to erase tattoo regret through the safe and effective removal of unwanted tattoos.

Every person has a reason for seeking tattoo removal. Whatever your reason is, we’re here to help!

Whether you’ve gone through a lifestyle change, no longer identify with the meaning of your tattoo,

or are no longer with the person permanently inked on your skin, we have a solution for you.

Each treatment is performed by our expertly trained staff and is overseen by

All staff members have received in-depth training from New Look Laser College,

the world’s leading tattoo removal training program,

and are determined to give each patient the best treatment experience possible.



Board Certified Physician,

Medical Director.



MPAS, PA-C Board Certified, Associate Medical Director, Founder and Co-Owner

After excelling at some of the industry’s leading clinics and hospitals, Melissa’s desire to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them feel good about their appearance, as well as, providing an inspiring and beautiful place for people to work led her to partner with Dr. B. Kohnen, MD Board Certified Physician, Medical Director to launch Ann Arbor Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists, PLLC (A2LTRS). She has created a culture of teamwork and trust that is the heart of A2LTRS. She is driven to constantly improve the experience that each guest has every time they visit and our clients greatly benefit from her extensive treatment experience and supportive approach.



Practice Assistant, 

Laser Technician,

Laser Safety Officer

With her impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others, Kathy is a perfect fit for this position. Her personalized, results-oriented approach has made a huge impact on countless clients. She brings a wealth of knowledge, energy, and dedication to quality client care at A2LTRS, tailoring each treatment to the client and the results they are looking for. This team approach with her clients helps them feel relaxed, comfortable and confident that they are getting the best treatments for their goals.

Latest Technologies

We use advanced multi-wavelength laser technology for the fastest and safest ink removal on the market.


Quick & Comfortable

The best part is that each treatment takes only a few minutes,

and our Zimmer Cryo technology helps numb treatment sites before, during, and after your session.


Start Today!

With pricing starting as low as $99, the only thing you will lose is your unwanted tattoo! 


We Are Located inside ZEV Salon & Studio


Impeccable Hair Care

Luxurious Spa Experiences

How does the newest hair salon become the best hair salon in Ann Arbor? “That’s the challenge I embraced when I envisioned ZĒV Salon + Studio,” explains founder and owner Nichole Muncy.

ZĒV Salon + Studio offers a full line of hair, skin care, waxing, and lash services. We strive to bring you the best in beauty, with top industry talent and innovative products. We are conveniently located for clients in Ann Arbor and the Dexter area at 5700 Jackson Road, just three miles west of downtown Ann Arbor and less than five miles east of Dexter.

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