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Tired of unwanted hair? We are too!

Methods for dealing with unsightly and bothersome hair include plucking, shaving, waxing, epilation and more.

Some of these methods are messy, others are painful, but all are temporary.

A2LTRS now offers a permanent hair reduction solution to your unwanted hair problems.

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Intense Pulsed Light Technology

Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal at A2LTRS offers a long-lasting and satisfying solution for people looking to get rid of their hair once and for all. We have invested in the state-of-the-art Astanza Liberty IPL system to perform all treatments. Unlike lasers that use a single, particular wavelength to target specific hair colors, IPL technology uses a broad-spectrum of light to target melanin in the hair follicle.


During a treatment, our Astanza Liberty IPL will emit bright flashes of light onto your unwanted hair. The broad-spectrum of light will pass through the skin, targeting only the melanin in the hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. The absorption of light energy destroys the hair follicles, inhibiting the growth cells to stimulate regrowth. Hair removal is only successful when the hair is in the active growing stage.

Hair grows in different cycles: the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. The anagen phase is the growth phase. It is during this stage that your hair follicle is actively growing. The catagen phase is when the hair follicle detaches from its nutrient source, and the telogen phase is when the hair follicle falls out. In order to target the hair during the anagen phase, multiple treatments are needed.

A2LTRS recommends each patient receives a minimum of 6 to 12 treatments in order to effectively treat all hairs during their active growth stage. Our Astanza Liberty IPL system is safe to use on all skin types, all hair colors, and all parts of the body.

Which Fitzpatrick skin type are you?

Fitzpatrick skin typing is a way of classifying different types of skin.

What does a person's Fitzpatrick skin type tell us about their skin?

Types 1 - 6

The six Fitzpatrick skin types and associated skin, hair, and eye color are explored in the sections below. These skin types are numbered according to how much melanin is present in the skin.


Making up nearly 16 percent of a person's body mass, the skin is the body's biggest organ.  Also known as the Fitzpatrick skin phototype, the Fitzpatrick skin type system was developed in 1975. The Fitzpatrick skin types were determined by interviewing many people about how their skin reacted to the sun. There were clear trends in the data researchers gathered, which allowed them to identify six different skin types. It is important to remember that as these groups are based on anecdotal evidence. A person may find their skin does not fit completely into any one category. If self-assessing, Fitzpatrick skin typing should be used as a guide rather than a definitive skin type.

Fitzpatrick Skin

Type 1

The common characteristics of this skin type are:

Very Pale White, Always burns, never tans, freckles

You tend to have very pale, porcelain or ivory toned skin. You always burn in the sun and your skin could have a naturally reddish undertone.


Your eyes are most likely blue, gray or green and you might rock a head of gorgeous blond or red hair.


Celebrity Examples:

Cate Blanchett, Prince Harry, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Cynthia Nixon, Michelle Dockery

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Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal can have long lasting, even permanent effects and can be used anywhere you may traditionally get waxed.

During the process, the laser essentially disables the growth of  hair follicles, resulting in quick, safe and effective hair removal.


Astanza Hair Removal uses Advanced IPL and Diode Technology to deliver

a permanent hair reduction solution to patients of all skin types and for all hair colors.

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