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Methods for Changing

the Appearance of a Tattoo

A tattoo can seem like a permanent part of one’s body that cannot be transformed or redone. Fortunately, it is possible to change a tattoo.

Whether a tattoo has been disfigured from damages to the skin, like scarring or stretch marks, or the tattoo ink has simply blurred with time there is a solution. If you have changed your mind about your tattoo’s original design, then you might be a candidate for Lightening/Fading Laser Treatment(s) on your tattoo.

“It just doesn’t fit with who I am anymore.”

Why tattoo lightening or fading?

You might be looking for a Partial Tattoo Removal, or Partial Tattoo Lightening/Fading so your existing artwork can be covered up with a new design. Your tattoo is a personal form of identity and self-expression, symbolic meaning or motivational image, honor someone or something to which you felt a personal connection or just “wanted one” or want “something different.”


Everything around us is forever changing and so are you, so a tattoo from your past may not be your present or future. If your first thought as you eye roll is “I need to get this covered with a tattoo that reflects who I’ve become”, perhaps you’ve outgrown it, or it was a mistake in the first place, or you just no longer like the design. Whatever your reasons for wanting your tattoo lightened, modern technology makes it possible. Let us help you get there. 


A Tattoo Artist prefers creating a tattoo cover-up on a lightened or faded canvas.

Tattoo Lightening/Fading prepares the existing tattooed area for new art by weakening the original tattoo ink.

Tattoo Lightening may also prepare a tattoo where only a portion of the tattoo is to be changed, or where new art is to be added.

Tattoo Artists prefer covering a lightened tattoo. A blank or lightened canvas improves the artwork greatly.

A Tattoo Artist will take into consideration numerous factors of the existing tattoo:

Consider the color in the old tattoo, and how it will mix with new ink.

Consider tattoo placement and designing the new tattoo.

Typically, a cover up without being lightened will include darker colors and on average a tattoo that is 30% larger than the original tattoo. The tattoo will be darker in areas of the old ink and then lighter colors on the untouched skin surrounding the original art, giving the illusion that the cover up tattoo was the only tattoo ever in that spot.


What can be done in a CoverUp?

Your tattoo artist will incorporate your old design, into the new design. By creating contrast, depth and an interesting design around the parts of the old tattoo being covered up. Having the old tattoo there will limit your tattoo artist on the re-design.  Your tattoo artist will have to use the old tattoo and then layer new designs to create the contrast and depth. The easier answer is for us to work with your tattoo artist on how you would like your new tattoo to look and remove those limitations!


Lightening/Fading with a Tattoo Removal Laser will improve the results of your tattoo cover up. Your tattoo artist will recommend you lighten when there are conflicting colors in your old tattoo versus your new tattoo.


Also, every tattoo artist does their best work on a cleaner slate.  By lightening your tattoo, you’ll get improved results and a tattoo that you are proud to show off instead of another one that stays undercover.

What if there is only a portion that needs Covered Up?

You may have a tattoo that you love, but there is one section of it that you no longer like.  There is an art to placing a new, better tattoo on top of an old one, but dark inks and heavy lines limit the options for cover-up. Without lightening your existing tattoo, your kind of stuck. Partial Laser Lightening/Fading gives your Artist the flexibility to use a wider palette of colors, leaves much more opportunity for shading rather than using solid sections of ink, opens many more styles, and simply gives you more cover-up tattoo choices.


If you still like part of the tattoo incorporate it. But if working around it just seems easier than covering it up, or it feels like your only option, it’s not! A few laser treatments will do wonders and open a whole new set of options for you. The quality of your new tattoo will be that much better if your artist has more freedom. Laser Tattoo Lightening/Fading is a process where we can target only the specific area to be lightened.  Our technicians, equipment, and training allow us to zero in on the area needed while protecting and preserving the existing art around the area.

Tattoo Lightening/Fading Process...

We use the same equipment and techniques for Full Removal or Partial Lightening/Fading.  We will review the tattoo lightening process with you and look at your existing tattoo to determine the best method of lightening or partial removal. We can work directly with your Tattoo Artist. When you and your Tattoo Artist are satisfied with your new canvas, your laser tattoo removal will be complete. Tattoos don’t need to last forever.

Our treatments are both affordable and highly effective. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced and their commitment to quality is second-to-none. If you have any hesitation, we offer FREE Consultation where you can learn more about our Laser Tattoo Lightening/Fading Technology and meet our friendly technicians. A2LTRS is fully insured and licensed to perform laser tattoo removal, and our technicians are physician-trained and directed.

Cover-Up a COVER-UP???

Let’s say you saved money and had your Tattoo Artist cover-up your old tattoo without lightening/fading your original tattoo and the end results are not as ideal as you were looking for. Laser Lightening/Fading Treatments can still help those who got Cover-up and aren’t happy with the new Cover-up (we do this all the time!).


The more ink in the skin, the longer it takes to remove or lighten/fade, and when one tattoo is placed right over another, there is going to be a LOT more ink in the skin, especially with how dark some cover-ups need to be done.

If you’re unhappy with your existing ink, Laser Lightening/Fading Treatment(s) are the way to go.

We’re also happy to talk with your Tattoo Artist and come up with a plan for the perfect cover-up.


Lightening/Fading your ink for a cover-up tattoo is faster

and costs less than full removal because it only takes a few sessions.

Get in touch to set up a FREE Consultation!

We promise, your Tattoo Artist will thank you.

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