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Top Reasons Why People Remove Tattoos

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

A tattoo should signify a meaningful piece of art or statement about a person, one they want to adorn their body for the rest of their life. However, sometimes people find themselves regretting the tattoos they have for various reasons and wanting to get rid of them.

One popular reason to remove a tattoo is simply because it wasn’t well done. What works in concept doesn’t necessarily translate to a final result, especially if the artist isn’t good enough.

Sometimes good tattoos go bad via fading. While tattoos are permanent, their quality isn’t necessarily. So it is understandable to want to get a tattoo removed if it’s a shadow of its former self.

A tattoo is often a reminder of your past and sometimes that past isn’t something you want to be reminded of. For instance, if you got an old flame’s name tattoo on you, you wouldn’t want a constant reminder of them, would you? Additionally, if you have an ideology you no longer adhere to, you would want to remove a tattoo that signified that as well. It doesn’t have to be as severe as following a certain political movement or religious organization; you could also remove a tattoo of a popular culture item you no longer are a fan of.

Sometimes your professional life can greatly affect having tattoos. Military personnel have restrictions regarding the size, location, and subject matter of their tattoos. Also, many professional careers forbid visible tattoos. So if your tattoos are on your face or hands, you might have trouble being hired to work in an office.

People change as they get older, and two things that change people significantly are marriage and children. If you are marrying somebody who doesn’t like your tattoos, it would be respectful to them to consider having it removed. You might be taken aback, but if you take a moment, you might realize that they are more important than ink on your body. Additionally, the responsibility of having children might cause you to re-think your tattoos.

You might look at one of your tattoos and decide you want tattoos, just not that tattoo. The good news is lasering off a tattoo doesn’t mean you eliminate your chance of getting a tattoo in that area again. After a bit of a waiting period, you can get a new, and hopefully better tattoo.

Sometimes you just want to remove a tattoo because you feel like it. There is nothing wrong with this, just like there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo because you feel like it. It’s your body and you have the right to choose what does and what doesn’t go on it.

Getting Started with Tattoo Removal in Ann Arbor

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