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The Pitfalls of Name Tattoos

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Names are some of the most popular types of tattoos in the United States. And while many of them memorialize a recently deceased family member or a newborn infant, even more are commemorations of the wearer’s significant other.

The idea of permanently etching your flame’s names on your skin may seem irresistibly romantic while the fire is burning, but fires tend to burn out – leaving your body eternally charred. Keep reading to discover why you never want to ink your significant other’s name on your skin.

1. Relationships Are Temporary

Regardless of how strong your bond seems right now, the inescapable truth is that romantic relationships expire – sometimes abruptly, and sometimes over a period of years.

Common relationship breakers like one person working too much or having to travel constantly are usually impossible to control, so just because you consecrate your timeless affection today doesn’t guarantee that it will survive forever the way your tattoo will.

It’s possible that your beloved could break off the partnership too. You might want to be with them forever, but that doesn’t preclude them from changing their minds.

2. The Pain Goes On

You know the old adage that love and pain go hand in hand? After you’ve had your partner’s name permanently inscribed on your skin, you’ll be reminded daily just how much love hurts if the relationship sours.

If you place your tattoo in a very visible spot like your hand or neck, you’ll have to see it constantly throughout the day – which makes moving past a difficult breakup with an optimistic outlook especially difficult.

3. It Can Curse Your Future Relationships

Whether they’ve been with their current partner for a few weeks or many years, people with their ex-partners’ names inked on their bodies will warn you against getting a similar tattoo. Some people actually liken a name tattoo to a curse or hex on a future partnership.

While this may sound like pure superstition, in reality name tattoos can force you and your significant other to contemplate the deeper aspects of your partnership before you’re ready to. A previously carefree, pleasurable relationship that seemed promising may turn much too complicated for some folks the second they have each other’s names tattooed on their bodies. The gesture could be construed as a selfish need to possess someone, as if you “own” them and expect them to be with you forever.

Nothing is more demeaning than tattooing your lover’s name on your flesh, just to have them break up with you a few days afterward. At a minimum, wait until you’re married to each other and less likely to call it quits on a whim.

4. Symbols Are More Versatile

If you’re bound and determined to express your affection for your current companion in a tattoo, you don’t have to have their name printed on you. There are much more imaginative ways to symbolize your love in ink.

As an alternative, think about getting a symbol or image that bears some special meaning to the two of you. This way, you won’t need to rush out to have your tattoo removed if your engagement comes to an end suddenly.

Let Ann Arbor Tattoo Removal Erase the Pain

If you’ve already had an ex-flame’s name tattooed on your body, you can’t erase the painful memory of your breakup, but you can at least erase the image of their name from your day-to-day life. Schedule a visit with us at Ann Arbor Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists now to remove the painful love scar that’s holding you back.

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