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Tattoo regret? Get the benefit of Laser Tattoo Removal

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

While some tattoos end up being well-loved, others are regretted almost as soon as they are inked onto the skin. Perhaps you have a tattoo honoring an old boyfriend or girlfriend or commemorating a sports team that ended up not winning it all. It can be easy for your tattoo to become worthless or unloved.

Thankfully, there are laser removal treatments available today that can take care of these mistakes permanently. These treatments use precise laser beams to spread the ink throughout your skin, allowing it to be dispersed, absorbed and removed from your body. A few simple sessions may be all it will take to see great results.

Laser Tattoo Removal Is a Safe but Effective Treatment

Because the lasers are so precise, they can work just on the cells that have been marred with the tattoo ink while leaving your other skin cells safely alone. As the beams penetrate your cells, they cause these cells to change, which then jump starts the body’s own healing and repair process. This treatment can be safely done without any risk of scarring or injury.

Lasers Work Deep within Your Skin

Tattoos today can be large and full of embellishments. To get these great effects, tattoo artists must sometimes inject the ink deep within your skin. Today’s laser treatments can work just as deep to get rid of even the most stubborn tattoo ink. They can do this without harming your skin or any underlying structures or tissues. Deep laser penetration ensures that your tattoo will be completely and permanently removed.

Lasers Are Fairly Comfortable

This is a noninvasive process that does not have to use needles or incisions to get great results. Therefore, you should not need any anesthesia to stay comfortable throughout the process. You may be able to feel the laser at work as it creates some feelings of heat or tingling at the treatment site. However, these sensations are only temporary and should only last as long as the laser is being used. Following the treatment, you may have swelling, which can be easily controlled with an ice pack or another at-home treatment recommended by your provider.

Lasers Work on All Ink Colors

Today’s tattoos are more difficult to remove than older single-colored tattoos were because the colors used today are often deeper and more pigmented. Despite this, lasers can still provide amazing results even on the deepest and darkest colors, including black ink. You may need to plan on receiving more than the usual number of laser treatment sessions, but we will still be able to create clear skin in which you cannot even tell that you once had a tattoo.

Lasers Do Not Harm the Rest of Your Body

Do not let the word “laser” concern you. This is a perfectly safe process when provided by educated and experienced practitioners. During your treatment, your practitioner will protect your eyes from laser beams with special glasses. Additionally, the laser will not touch any other areas of your skin that are unaffected by your tattoo.

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the tattoo that you got, you do not have to live with it for the rest of your life. Instead, with laser treatments, you can permanently remove even the most stubborn tattoos from your skin and experience skin freedom once again. Contact Ann Arbor Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists, PLLC for a FREE Consultation today! 734.972.0959

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