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Six Reasons To Get Tattoo Removal In the New Year

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

When the new year starts, many people create resolutions to help guide them in improving themselves. If you have an old, unwanted tattoo that has been an eyesore for years, this may be the year to add Laser Tattoo Removal at Ann Arbor Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist, PLLC to the list. A well-trained technician can make the process smooth and provide excellent results. Plus, getting tattoos removed can aid you in achieving your other resolutions. Here are six reasons to have your tattoos removed in 2017.

1. Removing Visible Tats for a New Career Many workplaces are more accepting of tattoos these days, but there are still businesses where visible tattoos are not allowed. Nearly all employers frown on tats featuring negative imagery and curse words too. If you want to make a fresh start, consider having tattoos on your hands, forearms, face and neck removed.

2. Getting Over the Past You may have gotten a tattoo of your partner’s name during an intense relationship, but now things have cooled. One of the most common

tattoo removal requests is to get rid of people’s names. Stop being reminded of an old flame every time you look down or in the mirror. You’ll feel better able to move on and won’t have to explain that tat to new partners.

3. Becoming More Self-Confident A lot of people make poor decisions in their youth, like getting lewd, insensitive tattoos in highly visible areas. The tattoo that you have may not be representative of who you are now. The time and effort involved in removing a tat can cement your transition into a new you. Being able to look at yourself without seeing any reminders of your past can help boost your feelings of self-worth and confidence.

4. Showing Your True Self Tattoos don’t always represent who you are in the present. You may have changed over the years, or the tat you wanted didn’t turn out like you had hoped. Start fresh by having tattoo removal. Keep your canvas bare or pick out a new piece of artwork to apply that shows your true self.

5. Finding New Love Some people may want to get unattractive, faded, or poorly drawn tats removed in preparing for their quest to find love. Now is the time to put your best face forward and show your happy, confident self.

6. Facing Those Fears Maybe you’ve wanted to get tattoo removal for years, but held back because you were afraid it would hurt, look bad, or end up infected. Current laser removal techniques are much less invasive and more successful than in the past. Face your fears both in getting laser therapy, and in making a big change about yourself. You’ll be in a better position to take on new challenges in the future.

Your decision to remove an old tattoo is a great New Year’s resolution. This step will help kick start other important changes in your life from starting a new job to searching for a new love

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