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Protect Your Tattoo Ink with Proper Skin Care

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Tattoos among the Americans has become so prevalent that over 40% of the population now has some type of ink adorning their bodies. It’s time to open the floor to a discussion about how to care of those tattoos with better skin care. One of the most critical areas is protecting your ink against the sun’s rays. Tattooed skin burns just like the rest of your body.

You may want to reconsider showing off your fresh ink this summer until you’ve read some tips and tricks on protecting and shading your tattooed skin. In the first place, while they don’t increase the risk of skin cancer, new tattoos should receive special attention until your skin’s fully healed. It’s recommended to follow the tattoo artist’s instructions about caring for your skin immediately following having the tattoo imprinted. You shouldn’t use sunscreen, for instance, on newly traumatized skin.

Once your skin has healed, you won’t need to use special sunscreen on the tattooed area. You will simply use the standard SPF 30 or higher to cover all aspects of your exposed body, including the tattoo. Make sure to reapply it every two hours. You may want to consider some extra precautions if you are concerned about protecting your tattoo. One of them is to wear sunscreen with a minimum of 8% oxide. That will reflect rather than screen the sun. Another option is to wear a light piece of cotton clothing over it for added protection. The sun, like time, will eventually fade your tattoo. The consistent use of sunscreen also eventually blurs the fine details of your tat.

If you are concerned about skin cancer, you may want to consider have your body inked away from your naval or any moles. When you have your skin checked, you want the dermatologist to be able to clearly see the skin in your area of concern.

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