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Different Color Tattoos Require Different Care: Yes or No?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Whenever you get a tattoo, the artist sends you out the door with a list of instructions on how to take care of your tattoo and how to keep it clean. Most tattoos come with the same general instructions for care, but with certain coloration, the care can vary. It is important to find out if your tattoo falls into this before leaving the shop to find out if the colors you have fall into this category. However, if you decide to remove your unwanted Tattoo, Ann Arbor Tattoo Removal Specialists, PLLC is always an option.

All-Purpose Tattoo Tips

After getting a tattoo, it is important to clean in regularly and carefully, as per the instructions from your tattoo artist. It is essential to keep the skin around the tattoo clean to promote a faster and smoother healing process. This can be a tricky process, because you must make sure that the tattoo doesn’t get extremely wet or dry. If either of these things happens it could have a negative impact on the tattoo.

After the tattoo is fully healed, you still need to be careful about exposing it to excessive amounts of sunlight. It is common to want to show off your new tattoo, but sun can damage your skin, and with a tattoo, it can cause it to age prematurely and fade. This also includes tanning bed light. They have a similar effect on your skin. However, if you cannot avoid going into the sun, you can diminish the damage by covering it up with clothing to avoid it getting hit directly by the sun’s harmful rays.

Color Tattoos

Color tattoos have a lot of differences from a basic black ink tattoo. A colored tattoo can take more than one sitting for it to be completed. The artist has to do multiple layers of color on top of color in order to for it hold, and due to this, colored tattoos tend to hurt a lot more than the basic black tattoo designs. Due to all of these factors, plus the extra cost due to time and detail done by the artist, it just makes sense that you would want to make sure that you take care of it so that it doesn’t mess up after all of that work and pain.

All of the All-purpose tattoo tips above can be applied to these tattoos, but in addition, it is important to make sure that a colored tattoo should be well-moisturized. Your tattoo artist should be able to recommend the best type of oil or lotion for you to use to help with keeping it moisturized. The moisture helps to keep the colors in the tattoo sharp. However, you want to be sure not to over saturate the tattoo area. It usually only takes a light layer to be sufficient. Once your color begins to fade, you can revitalize it with the use of exfoliating gel, but if that doesn’t work, you can always make an appointment with your tattoo artist to go in for a touch-up.

Darker pigment colors, like blue and black, are generally easier to remove if you ever decide you want to remove the tattoo altogether. Unlike in the past, the tattoo removal technology has advanced, and although all types of tattoos can be removed, some color pigments can take more treatments to have them fully removed. Therefore, you should plan your tattoo and the colors you use carefully, in case of any future removal needs.

White Ink Tattoos

When it comes to white ink tattoos, most tattoo artists try and talk their customers out of getting these types of tattoos, because they are increasingly more difficult to keep up. White ink tattoos are a newer technique, and therefore, there is not a lot of information on them either way. However, it is important to get them in a good place, because if they are not cared for properly, they can easily turn into a grey or even greenish color. The worst part about this, is the fact that it is hard to tell until it is already too late to fix. White ink is difficult to touch-up, and even the best tattoo artist might not be able to make the ink look fresh and vibrant again.

Regardless of the type of tattoo you choose, it is important to know the right way to take care of it, to ensure that it remains vibrant and beautiful if possible. Make sure to do plenty of research when designing and choosing your colors. This way, you know exactly how to take care of it and how to plan around the healing process of your tattoo. The tips above are general tips, but it is always a promising idea to consult your tattoo artist if you have any specific concerns about your situation. After all, conversing with a professional is never a terrible thing, and it could help in keeping your tattoo vibrant for a lot longer.

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