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9 Factors That Determine Tattoo Removal Success

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Laser tattoo removal is not something that can be completed with just one treatment. The number of treatments that you need is contingent upon the location, size, device used as well as many other factors. It is also important to remember that there are factors that affect the success of the treatment.

Ink Color

Black, green and blue ink are the easiest colors to remove. Yellow, red, orange and white are some of the hardest colors to remove. However, it is easier to remove those colors now because there are newer lasers available. Studies have shown that the PicoSure Laser was able to remove 75 percent of the blue and green pigments with one or two treatments. Two-thirds of people with blue and green pigments were able to get nearly 100 percent of their tattoo removed after one or two treatments.

The Age

Older tattoos are typically easier to remove because the pigment fades over time.

The Size

Larger tattoos are harder to remove than smaller tattoos. If a tattoo is over 12 diameters, then the laser may not be able to remove it quickly.


Smoking can reduce the effectiveness of tattoo removal. It has a negative effect on wound healing, which is why smokers have a lower success rate.

Skin Color

People who have lighter skin have a higher success rate. Lighter skin does not absorb a large amount of laser light. That is why the laser energy focuses on the pigment.

Amount of Ink

Professional tattoos are harder to remove because a greater volume of ink is used. Amateur tattoos are often superficial and uneven.

Tissue Damage or Scarring

Some people are at a greater risk for suffering scarring or tissue damage. Ink pigment that is around scar tissue is more difficult to remove.

Layered Tattoos

Layered tattoos, which are often used to cover up another tattoo, are more difficult to remove.

Getting Started with Tattoo Removal in Ann Arbor

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